is an important scientific and economic center of Brazil and Latin America. The city’s population is over 1million inhabitants, and more than 3.6millions inhabitants in its metropolitan region, making it an outstanding center of São Paulo state. It is located close (approximately 100 km) to São Paulo, the biggest city in Latin America and one of most important cultural, scientific and financial centers in the world.

Upper view of Campinas

Campinas has grown as a high-tech pole, housing dozen of technologic companies. It is also home of some national laboratories, including a Synchrotron Radiation Center ( and a Center for Development of Telecommunications ( .

Sirius – Latin American Synchrotron Light Source

Moreover, Campinas is the home of the main campus of University of Campinas (Unicamp), one of the most important universities in Latin America. Unicamp was elected in 2017 and 2018 the ‘Best Universit in Latin America’ by the Brittish magazine Times Higher Education (THE) and elected in 2017 the 17th best university with less than 50 years in the world by the QS ranking.

University of Campinas central square

Unicamp is specialized in high-techonology and medical sciences. For instance, in its labs it was developed the first semiconductor laser in the southern hemisphere and the first optical fibers in Latin America.

Recently, it was also inaugurated a new center for photonics in the university, the Photonicamp. Several researchers from the physics and the electrical engineering institutes got together to achieve this new stage of development of science in Campinas.