UNICAMP is situated in the district of Barão Geraldo, a small suburban area with 45,000 inhabitants. In order to facilitate the displacement to the university, we recommend the attendees to find their accommodations in Barão Geraldo. It counts with several lodging options, ranging from couchsurfing to more traditional hotels.
In airbnb you can find several rooms close to the university. The average cost of a double room is US$15 per night.
If you are looking for a more traditional accommodtion we recommend the site

In Barão Geraldo it is also possible to find some lower-cost options in student’s housing (called here “Repúblicas”). Here are some links were you can find these options:

Additionally, we will soon organize a whatsapp group in order to facilitate the comunication among the atendees. Them, if you are looking for cheaper options, you can also find someone to share a room.

Finally, we have a few options close to University of Campinas that have a partnership with the event, offering discounts for the attendees. They follow:

Pé de Mamão Inn

Kitchen, shared living room and laundry. Access to refrigerator and pantry. At living room, cable TV, at the laundry, a washing machine and portable clothesline. 10% Discount for OSA event participants.

Prices: Individual Suite – R$120 – R$180, Double Suite – R$150 – R$200, Triple Suite – R$190 – R$240

Solar dos Pássaros Inn

Included breakfast. All rooms have fans and study tables. 10% Discount for stay of 3 or more days.

Prices: Individual with shared bathroom – R$115, Double with shared bathroom – R$170, Individual suite – R$160, Double suite – R$220

Hotel Pousada Universitária

Breakfast, private bathroom, parking, cable TV, minibar, air condicioning, internet, bed linen and towels, 24h. Entry time is 1pm(13:00), exit at 12pm(12:00), price calculated with discount.

Prices: Individual suite – R$140, Double suite – R$200, Triple suite – R$270

Hotel Matiz Barão Geraldo

For those interested, make the reservation directly with hotel. If you wish to book with discount, you must inform hosting period and proof of participation on our event.

Prices: Individual suite – R$231,00 + 5% ISS , Double suite – R$266,00 + 5% ISS , Triple suite – R$292,00+ 5% ISS